Wendy Condra

Preschool Director

Wendy Condra Preschool Director Team Staff Faith E Free Manhattan Kansas

Meet Wendy

I grew up in Phoenix and never in a million years would I have thought I would end up in Manhattan. I came to Kansas to attend Bible college and the Midwest hospitality won me over!

My lifelong love of the church has grown exponentially as I’ve wrestled through the difficult parts of my own story and am experiencing the redemption, healing and freedom that I never thought possible through a relationship with Christ. Helping people experience changed lives is what my heart beats for! My greatest desire for the church (local and global) is to be healthy, fully whole and alive, keeping in step with the Spirit. 

I love a variety of art forms; music, visual arts, clothing, home decor, dance, theatre, nature, and my favorite of all - people! They have to be included in the art appreciation category for me as each person is an incredible, complex, glorious piece of the creative expression of God.  I also love to learn . . . if you run into me on a walk or driving across town I am probably listening to a book or podcast!

My husband Shawn and I began attending  Faith in 2001 when I was pregnant with the 3rd of our 4 girls. Since that time I have been involved with Worship Ministry, Stephen Ministry, Care and Recovery Ministries, teaching, speaking, discipleship and mentoring. I am currently working as the Preschool Ministries Director. It is a joy to be here!