Debbie Kluitenberg

Administration Director

Debbie Kluitenberg Administration Director Team Staff Faith E Free Manhattan Kansas

meet debbie

I grew up in Alameda, California and was raised in a Christian home.  I accepted Jesus as my Savior at a young age.  My husband Gerard and I moved from California to Iowa when Gerard got a fellowship to attend Iowa State for his Phd.  We had two boys, Nathan & Matthew, when we were living in Iowa.  Upon graduation Gerard accepted a job at K-State so that brought us here to Manhattan.  When we moved here it was the first time we had to “shop” for a church because there wasn’t a church in the same denomination that we grew up in here in Manhattan.  That turned out to be a big blessing, we felt the Holy Spirit’s presence when we attended Faith for the first time and have been blessed to be a part of Faith.  When my youngest started kindergarten I started to work at Faith and our church office was located at South Wind Place at that time.  I love working at Faith.  When I’m not working you might find me knitting, sewing, getting together with friends or going to the gym.